Awning Windows

Awning Windows


Awning windows in Australia are among the most popular of windows, our range of Awning windows are second to none, it is secured at the upper part of the window by extrusion inside extrusion, they can be be opened by a manual handle on friction stays, awning winders or electric operators, These features offer a great view while allowing an ample amount of air flow. Awning Windows are hinged on the top and open outwards from the bottom which allows for ventilation in all weather conditions and protection from the rain. This means these types of windows can be left partially open during bad weather for continuous ventilation while not letting any undesirable elements into your home.

The Awning windows also improves the airflow to your home. You can use them in a combination with large stationary windows for a better view. Generally, awning windows are placed higher in the walls for privacy, the awning window is often chosen based on its functionality and security.

Install our Aluminium awning windows for your home and create a clean natural feeling and openness! They are not restricted to any room but are ideal across all rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens too.

Awning Windows Features:

Our product fully adheres to Australian standards to provide extreme quality for you, our toughened glass and double glazings are certified. They are supplied with a factory-fitted keyed lock which improves the security of the window.

We make awning windows using aluminium, which adds durability, strength, and style to the awning windows and we have options for highly energy-efficient windows with thermal break technology, thus decreasing energy consumption thereby lowering your bills. Aluminium windows are not prone to deterioration.

Due to its sealed and joined corners great for high wind areas, the window will stay square and true over time.

Our standard awning window has a continuous hinge which adds to its strength.keeping it clear of blinds, the sash operator has a folding handle keeping it clear of blinds.

Awning Windows Customisation options:

You have a great range of glass options for our awning windows, Clean line Colonial bars to tinting, obscure glasses and high energy-efficient options including double glazing, “Low E” options.

Our awning windows are fully compatible with all building types whether it is brick or block work, render, precast panels, brick veneer or light construction across different sizes that suit a brick opening which removes your need to cut bricks on site. tells to make it to the mm and we will supply it.

With our selection of colours and powdercoat finishes you can make the window to your hearts desire and lifestyle.

Please do not hesitate to contact our wonderful team via the website where you can order online yourself or phone on 1300 31 61 18

Can’t say enough about Energy-Saving Windows. The company was a pleasure to deal with and we are ecstatic with the windows and doors they provide for our developments. We have been a developer of both residential and commercial properties for many years and this company undoubtably is the most professional “windows and doors specialist” we have ever dealt with. They are fast to provide pricing and their service is “Disney style”. I would highly recommend them to any builder or developer.

- Lan

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