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Energy Saving Windows is the leading aluminium bi-fold window and door systems manufacturers of that are suitable for both modern as well as for traditional homes. A well designed and installed bi-fold window not only magnifies your view but also give extended airflow when opened fully.

Energy Saving bi-fold doors can achieve a U-value to suit your needs, “Low E” glass combined with “Argon” gas makes it a thermally efficient product. It saves energy and lowers your energy bills by keeping your home cool in summer times and warm in winter times. It is estimated that up to 80% of your energy bills are going out of the windows.

High-quality Aluminium Bi-fold windows:

ESW Aluminium bi-fold windows and doors offer an efficient and secure folding panel design which gives you the ultimate authority to set exactly how much of your home is open to the outside. These windows suit any room of your home and specifically perfect for Kitchens and Living Zones. Bi-folds are hard to beat tor large openings as they can be designed in a range of configurations to suitn your requirements.

ESW bi-folding windows and doors utilise the natural energy-efficient propertics of modern Aluminium and or uPVC and combine it with an incredible engineering process that maximises the amount of heat that your home traps. They arc also Resistant to any attempted break-ins thanks to a structurally strong profiles, dedicated locking mechanism and anti-lift systems that will help to hold the windows in place.

ESW windows are rigorously tested and weatherproofed with greatly designed finishes, they protect the windows from the damaging weather effects of warping, rotting, and discolouring. All these aspects make sure that your window will protect you and your family for years to come. The sections that are extruded to 0.03mm tolerance and stainless sill tracks will ensure a lifetime of smooth operation of your windows and or doors.

No need to have Huge Steel Bearns fitted to carry the weight of the Double Glazed Panel that can weigh up to 80kgs each, X that by 6 or so panels approximately 1/2 of | Tonne. With our Bottom rolling carriages on Stainless steel tracks, the bifold are as easy as opening your car door. Virtually no drag at all.

Sturdy, safe and durable Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors:

All our windows and doors are equipped with secure locking systems that are cqual to and exceed the latest industry standards and the heavy-duty aluminium hinges, our door can withstand attacks even from the most determined intruders.

External doors are a vital aspect of the safety of your home, as well as the appearance of your abode. Aluminium Bi-fold doors are an excellent way of opening your home to them outdoors. Our bi-fold doors are fully bespoke and are available in a wide range of configurations.

Our door panels run on heavy-duty bottom rollers and its weight is supported at the sill as noted earlier, which makes our door a great choice for renovations or anywhere where overhead support isn’t available. ESW bi-fold windows and doors also have a unique lever compression locking system for better airtightness and security.

My view is that when one requires constant supply of a good product or service, it’s vital that the supplier is a “specialist”. And that’s where the team at Energy-Saving Windows excel. They brings decades of experience to the table when it comes to windows and doors - and this means we benefit from saving time and money. Their products are exceptional and their client liaison is probably the best of any company I’ve dealt with. I’d highly recommend them.

- Ben

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